A.V.A.C. 1986 Version 1

MLC: $40-$50

Cobra A.V.A.C. pilot 1986

From my collection.

NOTES: A.V.A.C. has about as much of the easily damaged silver paint as you will find on a GI Joe figure. This makes it difficult to find an A.V.A.C. in mint condition. If you see A.V.A.C. with perfect silver paint - at least consider it a yellow flag and a possible touch-up job. Also pay attention to the commonly damaged black cobra symbol. The black parachute pack is somewhat rare in good condition. If present, the parachute is often broken. A.V.A.C. was the pilot of the Firebat that came with the Terror Drome. His head is kinda small considering that he is wearing a helmet.