Bio-Viper 1993 Version 1

MLC: $08-$12  MOC: $20-$30

Bio-Viper 1993 GI Joe figure

From my collection.

NOTES: Like his cousin the Monstro-Viper, Bio-Viper comes with real "monster smell". I mean, can it get any better than that? Read Bio-Viper's filecard and you will discover that he also possesses, among other things, "Glowing, night-vision, moray eel bubble eyes", "Pressure-resistant, thermal sharkskin with rock-fish scales", "Extra-wide web extended platypus feet", and "Body grabbing, giant squid terror tentacles". Yeah, baby.

Other than his size, there really is nothing special about this figure. I had to have one though. I was disappointed with the fragility of his grabbing tentacles. Be careful or they will break. Ask if they are broken before you buy. Bio-Viper seems to be slightly more popular than Monstro-Viper and the price of this figure will likely rise. It will be difficult to find an undamaged Bio-Viper that is carded.