Monstro-Viper 1993 Version 1

MLC: $08-$12  MOC: $20-$30

Monstro-Viper 1993 GI Joe figure

From my collection.

NOTES: I like Monstro-Vipers. I seem to like all of the strangest and most unique figures released during the early 90's. The Monstro-Viper to me is crazy enough to be both cool and humerous. How can you not like an action figure with packaging that reads "Spring-Action Arm Throws Gut Bombs!" and "With Monster Smell!"? And Monstro-Viper is big. Along with Bio-Viper from the same year, Monstro-Viper is the largest action figure from the original GI Joe 3 3/4" line.

Accessories included a gold gun, a gold ball and chain, and a container of "Moldable Bio-Armor". Often missing from loose Monstro-Vipers, the Bio-Armor was actually a container of Play-Doh that could be pressed into a "Gut Bomb" mold that flipped out of the figure's chest. Are you starting to see the cool factor here? Keep in mind that there are very few carded Monstro-Vipers with undamaged cards. The cards are often warped and the bubbles are often cracked due to the large and heavy figure.