Storm Shadow 1988 Version 2

MLC: $10-$14  MOC: $50-$70

Storm Shadow 1988 GI Joe figure

From my collection.

NOTES: In my opinion, this is one of the best second versions of any figure. He's still unmistakably Storm Shadow, but he is unique and interesting. Although I don't like the red color of some of the accessories, they are a superb set of ninja weapons. It is important to remember that the Funskool version of this Storm Shadow looks exactly the same but is made from an inferior quality of plastic. You can tell the difference by looking at Storm Shadow's red Arashikage clan symbol on his right arm. The Funskool version of the symbol is upside down, starting with a straight bar near his elbow instead of the dashed bar shown above. At the time this figure was made, Storm Shadow is actually part of the GI Joe team.