Cobra Viper Pilot 1983 Version 1

MLC: $60-$200

Cobra Viper Pilot 1983

From my collection.

NOTES: Above you can see a 1983 Cobra Viper Pilot. The only significant attribute of this rare figure is the silver cobra symbol on his chest. In every other way he is a 1983 Cobra Soldier (red Cobra symbol). The value of this figure is almost exclusively determined by the condition of the easily scratched or damaged silver logo paint. I was lucky to purchase the above figure for $38. I would expect to sell him for at least $50. A Viper Pilot with a perfect silver symbol can sell for over $200.

I want to explain my decision a bit more concerning my purchase of the figure above. I was not willing to pay triple digits for a perfect silver logo, so my goal was to buy a Viper Pilot that had an easily recognizable, yet damaged symbol. I also did not want a symbol that was almost gone. Another benefit of buying a slightly damaged symbol is that it adds authenticity to the figure. Mint Cobra Viper Pilots selling for 200 plus dollars is encouragement for the dishonest.