I Love Price Stickers

I love seeing a price sticker on a vintage carded GI Joe figure or boxed vehicle. The price sticker is most likely the first thing to catch my eye. These little rectangular gems add nostalgia and authenticity. What store sold the figure? What was the price? Was the price reduced? I even imagine, 25 years ago, a store employee quickly and carelessly slapping the cardboard with a price gun. C'mon, who's with me? Give me a small crease, a little fading, a torn tab. Did an 8 year old kid accidentally rip the toy off the peg back in the 80's? Show me that minor plastic bubble crack, bubble dent or bubble lifting. It sure will save you a ton of money when collecting. It's even possible to buy certain figures in damaged, unopened packaging for little more than a counterpart that is mint, loose and complete.

Okay, maybe I'm going a little too far here. But won't every carded 1984 Storm Shadow eventually yellow? Won't every carded figure eventually have a broken O-ring? Will the plastic bubbles not eventually become brittle and the card colors eventually fade? Yeah, it may take a while. But I prefer to enjoy some interesting signs of aging and the huge price cut that comes with them. I have nothing against GI Joe toys in mint condition. They're awesome. And I have nothing against AFA graded figures and vehicles. Yet these items fetch enormous prices which can lead the dishonest to alter and fabricate. I've seen some amazingly realistic-looking GI Joe figures on fake cards. So just remember to be careful when purchasing any vintage GI Joe collectible. And remember that you may be able to buy your favorite figures on damaged cards for a fraction of the mint card price.

- Brian

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