Other G.I. Joe Websites

Do you run a 3 and 3/4 inch GI Joe related website? Contact me if you would like added to this list. A link exchange would be greatly appreciated.

  • Project PDD - Anything and everything you could possibly want to know about the super rare "Pimp Daddy Destro".
  • My Useless Knowledge - A wealth of information on GI Joe comics, characters and storyline.
  • JoeGuide.com - Learn everything there is to know about the famous Sunbow GI Joe cartoons and movies. Search through episode summaries, artwork, commercials, DVD releases and more.
  • Action Figure Checklist - A great online tool to keep track of which figures you have in your collection. Browse the collections of others.
  • Ultimate Toy Collections - View pictures of an amazing collection of carded GI Joe figures and vehicles. Formerly Dan's Joes.

  • Shopping
  • Jason's Joes and More - A collector selling a lot of GI Joe and Cobra figures and accessories, along with parts to fix broken Joes.
  • Patrick A Riley's GI Joe Store - A large selection of fairly priced figures, accessories and sometimes hard to find items like vehicle sticker sheets.
  • joemfinschmoe1's GI Joe Ebay Auctions - Check out some GI Joe figures and vehicles on Ebay from a seller who was kind enough to donate many of the pictures on this website.