G.I. Joe 3 and 3/4 inch Figure Price Guide

Because of providing the best opportunity for the largest number of collectors to buy and sell GI Joe figures, I use Ebay as a starting point for many of the prices in this guide. But as anyone who buys and sells Joes (or most other things) on Ebay knows, prices can vary wildly from one day or even one hour to the next. I also use my years of experience buying, selling and trading GI Joe toys on several popular GI Joe fan sites when listing prices. The prices listed are not retail but rather private sale/auction values, ultimately based on my opinion and experiences. Expect to pay up to and over 100% more at a retail/resale store/website.

G.I. Joe Figures
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1982 - Series 1
1983 - Series 2
1984 - Series 3
1985 - Series 4
1986 - Series 5
1987 - Series 6
  1988 - Series 7
1989 - Series 8
1990 - Series 9
1991 - Series 10
1992 - Series 11
1993 - Series 12
  1994 - Series 13
1997 - Series 14
1998 - Series 15
2000 - Series 16
2001 - Series 17
2002 - Series 18

About the Price Guide and Identifying Figures

MLC (Mint Loose Complete) and MOC (Mint On Card) prices are listed. A figure that is still sealed in his or her mail-away baggie or red filecard package usually will sell for at least twice as much as a MLC. A mint specimen that is sealed on a mint card is the ultimate collector's piece and will fetch the highest price. AFA graded toys are often perceived as the most valuable and are not listed.

I am currently uploading a picture for every figure in the guide. It will take a long time. Feel free to contact me if you wish to donate pictures of figures or vehicles - boxed, carded or loose. You'll see each finished figure's name as a clickable link to a page with pictures, tips and comments specific to that figure.

GI Joe filecards (which are usually cut out from figures' cardboard backs) are very collectable and some of them are rare. Most collectors do not consider them necessary to have a "complete figure". That being said, having a filecard will usually raise the value of a figure, if only by a small amount. A full uncut filecard or cardboard backing is more valuable and can increase a specimen's value by as much as $04 to $10 or more, depending on the specific GI Joe or Cobra figure involved. I would say that almost all vintage GI Joe filecards were done very well, with excellent artwork and the superb writing of Larry Hama. They are nice to have in a collection.

Prices for some figures beyond 2002 will eventually be added and will probably consist of only the most popular and more collectable releases. Personally, I don't like most of the newer styles with their exaggerated body proportions, plastic connectors and/or lack of o-rings. Some of these guys and gals look goofy and some are downright ugly. They can be impossible to repair, which eliminates one of the biggest reasons why the smaller Joes became so popular with collectors. I will admit that I am a big fan of the 8 inch Sigma Six line, but dislike most of the 25th figures. I plan on including them all in the price guide eventually.

Conflict of interest information is provided for those who may be wondering about whether or not I am trying to affect the prices of these GI Joe items. I have currently won about 150 GI Joe related auctions and sold about 75 GI Joe items on Ebay. So I don't really profit by the prices going up or down. The guide is just that, an honest guide in which the final prices listed are, again, ultimately my opinion. I will update the prices as much as possible and I greatly appreciate visitor input. - Brian