G.I. Joe 3 and 3/4 inch Vehicle Price Guide

As with the figure price guide section, I use final Ebay auction prices as starting points for many of the vehicles. I also consider several other factors based on my collecting experience. MLC (Mint Loose Complete) and MIB (Mint In Box) prices are listed. A mint in sealed box (MISB) item (see my thoughts below) is the most valuable condition of a vehicle and one can expect to pay at least twice the price of the same toy that is MIB. AFA graded toys are sometimes considered to be the most valuable and are not listed here.

G.I. Joe Vehicles
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1982 - Series 1
1983 - Series 2
1984 - Series 3
1985 - Series 4
1986 - Series 5
1987 - Series 6
  1988 - Series 7
1989 - Series 8
1990 - Series 9
1991 - Series 10
1992 - Series 11
1993 - Series 12
  1994 - Series 13
1997 - Series 14
1998 - Series 15
2000 - Series 16
2001 - Series 17
2002 - Series 18

About the Price Guide and Identifying Vehicles

I will eventually create a separate page for each vehicle with pictures, tips and comments. It will be a while. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in submitting pictures for the guide. I prefer to somehow give credit for the pictures.

Okay, sealed box collectors out there may be upset by this. You may want to skip to the next paragraph. Do you really know what is in a sealed GI Joe vehicle box? Do you really know that the tape is original? I suggest that such purchases be made from reputable and trusted sellers. I'd love to have some sealed vehicles, don't get me wrong. But the money is certainly not worth the product for me. I am willing to pay for an opened box with sealed contents. That's my limit.

Vehicles, bases and playsets are not alwasy as popular as figures in the eyes of collectors. Personally, I just don't have the room to display many vehicles and so I only collect ones that have sentimental value or ones that are from certain years. My favorite vehicles are some of the awesome jets produced, like the Cobra Rattler and the GI Joe Skystriker. Starting in the late 1980's, Hasbro created vehicles that were increasingly strange, less military-looking, and more neon-colored; and are therefore less desirable.

A vehicle that is still sealed in a mail away baggie from Hasbro will generally sell for more than a MLC, especially since some of these mail order pieces are rare variations. Prices for some vehicles beyond 2002 will eventually be added and will probably consist of only the most popular and more collectible releases. I would also like to add a section for foreign released versions of GI Joe and Cobra vehicles in the future.

Conflict of interest information is provided for those who may be wondering about whether or not I am trying to affect the prices of these GI Joe items. I have currently won about 150 GI Joe figure auctions and sold about 75 GI Joe items on Ebay. So I don't really profit by the prices going up or down. The guide is just that, an honest guide in which the final prices listed are ultimately my opinion. I will update the prices as much as possible and I greatly appreciate visitor input. - Brian