GI JOE 1998 Vehicle Price Guide (Series 15)

Like the year before, all vehicles from 1998 were Toys 'R Us exclusives and repaints of previous molds. Of the three vehicles released, the Cobra Rattler 4WD is the most sought after. According to YoJoe.com, this year's MOBAT was released again in 2000 with a different box and was no longer a Toys 'R Us exclusive.

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Name Year Driver/Notes MLC MIB
Conquest X-30 1998 came with Ace (v5),
Toys 'R Us Exclusive
$10 - $14 $20 - $24
MOBAT 1998 came with Thunderwing
and Heavy Duty (v3),
Toys 'R Us Exclusive
$10 - $14 $20 - $24
Rattler 4WD 1998 came with Vypra,
Toys 'R Us Exclusive
$20 - $30 $40 - $50